What We Do:

AR/AP/GL DATA ENTRY - Our staff can provide you with basic data entry. You provide the information. We enter it. If you prefer we can create your invoices, process all your payables, and prepare your GL journal entries.

MONTH/QUARTER/YEAR END CLOSE - If you do your own bookkeeping, but need help closing your books, we will assist you with that process. We're ready to train your staff or do it all for you.

FINANCIAL STATEMENTS & ANALYSIS - Financial statements are a crucial management tool. We can produce internal statements to better enable you to manage your enterprise. Depending upon your needs we can produce additional analyses to help your management know where your dollars are coming from and where they going.

BUSINESS & PAYROLL TAX PREPARATION - We will assist you in collecting the information to pay your City, State and Federal business and payroll taxes. Depending upon our arrangement with you, we can deposit those taxes for you.

SOFTWARE SETUP/CONVERSIONS - Choosing and implementing an appropriate accounting software program can be daunting. We will help you with that task as well as help you convert data from one program to another.

ON SITE ASSISTANCE - The Kempton Group maintains offices in downtown Seattle. We can do your work at "my place or your place." There are several secure web-based accounting systems that can allow us to do both should you decide to implement one of them. We're eager to provide the best possible help and assistance for your accounting needs.