Who We Are:

After more than ten years in corporate accounting environments and over thirty years' experience in bookkeeping, accounting, management and education, Rick Cole founded The Kempton Group, Inc. In his words, "I have a passion for the precision found in accounting, the orderliness derived from well-developed operational procedures, the satisfaction gained from training others to succeed in their appointed tasks, and the reward of communal contentment enjoyed under good management. I thrive on the challenge of bringing disorder into order and streamlining and enhancing existing order. I believe in hard work, teamwork, diligence, goals, rewards and ... having fun doing it all."

Rick has worked for all sizes of business (single proprietorships, S Corps, closely held C Corps and publicly traded corporations)in boom times and recessionary times working on everything from cash application data entry to annual SEC filings and stockholder reports. Some of those businesses are still successful; some did not survive. As a result, beyond "normal" accounting experiences Rick provides our firm additional experience in acquisitions, sales, closures and insolvencies.

The Kempton Group, Inc, is dedicated to applying its founder's passion and experience to assisting other companies with their bookkeeping, accounting and management needs. Please click on "Our Services" for specifics. Beyond our direct services, The Kempton Group maintains an extensive network of professionals in other fields to whom we can refer you when necessary.